When cold and flu season arrives, it becomes especially important to take measures to prevent developing eye infections or passing an infection along to others.

Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the eye which can affect people of all ages. Although conjunctivitis can be caused by allergies and exposure to certain chemicals, the infection type, typically called “pink eye” is caused by a contagious virus or bacteria. Common symptoms of conjunctivitis are redness of the eye, a watery or sticky discharge, blurred vision, sand or scratchy feeling in the eyes.

To avoid “catching” or spreading an eye infection to family members, friends, classmates, co-workers and other close contacts, good hygiene is vitally important.

  • Keep your hands away from your eyes
  • Wash your hands regularly, especially before and after applying eye medication
  • Don’t share towels and wash cloths with others
  • Avoid allowing others to use your eye drops
  • Avoid sharing eye make-up

Should you or any of your family members develop systems for conjunctivitis, please contact our office for prompt treatment!