Getting things in focus

Backup Glasses are a MUST

We see it in our office every day. It is predictable. Glasses will break or be lost. If you wear glasses, can you function without them? If not, then owning a backup pair of glasses is a necessity! The unanticipated can ruin a business trip, a long-awaited vacation or a special celebration. Unforeseen emergencies do arise, please be ready with a pair of backup glasses!

Lens Types, Materials and Finishes

Lens Types:

  • Single Vision – one prescription to allow for ideal distance or close vision
  • Flat-Top Bifocal – two prescriptions, generally the top prescription is for distance and the bottom is for close-up, prescriptions are separated by a line in the lens (lined bifocal)
  • Trifocal – three prescriptions, generally the top is for distance, the bottom for close-up and the mid-section for a distance in between (i.e. computer distance), also lined
  • Progressive – have “no visible lines” dividing the distant and near vision. They offer the benefits of bifocals while cosmetically appearing as single-vision lenses.

Lens Materials:

  • Glass – durable, but the heaviest and least scratch-resistant material.
  • Plastic – stronger than glass and half the weight.
  • High-Index – these plastic lenses offer a thinner material for those clients with stronger prescriptions. There are varying thicknesses of high index available; your doctor will prescribe the correct lens for you.
  • Polycarbonate – impact-resistance plastic lenses. Often prescribed for children or safety wear.

Lens Finishes:

  • Transitions / Photosensitive – these lenses change to a darker tint when exposed to light. They are available in brown or gray.
  • Tinting – comes in different intensities and colors to meet every vision need or desire.
  • UV Coating – blocked ultraviolet light waves that can cause some cataract development. Sunglasses should automatically come with UV protection. It can also be added to your clear, optical lenses.
  • Scratch-Resistant – while these coatings do not make any of the lenses scratch-proof, they will harden the lens surface to help make them less susceptible to scratching from everyday wear. We automatically have this added to each lens.
  • Anti-Reflective – can improve your vision in all lighting conditions by allowing more light to reach the eye. It can help to remove reflections and glare to improve night vision, ease fatigue from computer work, reading or harsh lighting.
  • Polarization – this can be added to your sunglasses to remove glare off water, metal, snow, etc. This is great for any outdoor enthusiast.