Orthokeratology (ORTHO-K)

Orthokeratology (ORTHO-K) is a non-surgical treatment that uses precise, specially shaped contact lenses to temporarily reshape the cornea to eliminate nearsightedness (myopia) so that you can see better at distance without wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses throughout the day.

Specially designed rigid gas permeable contact lenses are prescribed that gradually alter the shape of the cornea and temporarily eliminate myopia.

Orthokeratology involves first measuring the refraction of your eye, which tells the doctor the degree of nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism you have. It will also be necessary to map the shape of the front surface of the eye using an instrument called a corneal topographer. Based on this digital map of your eye, your eye doctor will find the ideal shape of your cornea for optimal vision.

A series of special contacts are made according to your doctor’s exact specifications for your eyes. Initially they will be worn for about eight hours daily – usually while sleeping – until the cornea is reshaped, proper correction is achieved, and your vision is improved. The exact wearing schedule will depend on the correction your doctor thinks you need.

People who are best suited for Ortho-K have myopia less than -5.00 diopters and astigmatism less than -1.50 diopters. Ortho-K is safe for people of all ages, as long as their eyes are healthy.

This is a great alternative for those who are too young to consider LASIK, those whose prescriptions are continuing to change, and those involved in sports that make contact lenses impractical. Please schedule an Ortho-K evaluation with Dr. Mark Rafferty if you are interested in learning more about this procedure and if you are a candidate.